Why do I want to serve in the Idaho Legislature?

Ted Hill

I am constantly asked, “After 38 years in the United States military, after a distinguished career that includes three combat tours and 78 combat missions, after giving more to your country than any individual should be asked, why do you want to serve in the Idaho Legislature?”

My answer to them is simple… service is all that I know and I have more to give.

A Lifelong Conservative, Protecting and Defending Idaho

The time for strong, decisive leadership is now! Idaho needs a fighter, unwavering in determination in protecting our rights, our liberties and our Constitution. Born and raised in Idaho, I am that fighter and a tested leader that will get it done for the people I represent. I had the honor of serving my country in the Navy for 38 years as a fighter pilot, deploying on three combat tours and completing 78 combat missions. When I entered the Navy, I swore to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I consider that this duty is binding for the rest of my life and it will be my honor to continue to serve this Republic as a State Representative for the people of Idaho.

I’ve seen firsthand the consequences of those unable to protect themselves. It will be my duty to defend and protect your 2nd Amendment Rights.

Piloting a Better Future

for Idaho

I had the honor to serve my country as a Navy Fighter pilot for 38 years, command a squadron and complete three successful combat tours. Our fundamental rights guaranteed in our Constitution are under attack.  The soul of this nation is at risk. We need leaders that are unyielding, that will fight for our rights, defend our Republic and unite the people so we can face our future with strength.  I’m ready to represent you in this fight.

How Can I Donate to Ted Hill’s Campaign?

Anything helps get our message out. Donate to help with in-person events and campaign efforts alike. We appreciate the overwhelming support we have received. Thank YOU!