Ted Hill

For Idaho State
Senate 14th District

The time for strong, decisive leadership is now! Idaho needs a fighter, unwavering in determination in protecting our rights, our liberties and our Constitution. I am that fighter and a tested leader that will get it done for the citizens of Idaho. I had the honor of serving my country in the Navy for 28 years and was recently recalled out of retirement to fulfill the requirements for a special project. I will be released from the Navy in time to serve as your Senator.

Support and defend our Constitutional Rights

This is one of the most critical battles of our age. Our freedoms are under assault every day and everywhere we look. It will take exceedingly strong leadership and a vigorous, determined fighter who is ready to meet the challenges, and the unwillingness to compromise on the fundamental rights and liberties defined in our Constitution. My sacred oath is to support and defend the Constitution and sustain the Republic and all that makes America great.

Pro Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is that essential freedom that guarantees the rest, and there is no room for red flag laws. When freedom is under assault, the first thing at risk is the ability to defend yourself. We as Americans should never be helpless, and I will stand firm on all fronts to maintain our right to bear arms.


It will be my duty to protect the unborn. Some in our country have taken a dark path regarding abortion. Current policies in some states are undeniably barbaric. This will not happen on my watch. I will fight for the lives of the unborn.


We keep spending more and getting less from our public education and institutions. It is time for innovation in the public education structure and making tough choices in our education process itself. America must prepare our youth to compete in a very challenging global market regardless of where our future students reside and work. We must adapt and innovate changes in Idaho’s education in order to compete by creating pathways for students in the areas of career technology education.


As an Idaho native, I understand the massive impact growth has had on our state. Developers must be held accountable for user fees and will have a bigger responsibility in infrastructure investment. We need to bring all city, county, and state entities together to create a long-term strategic plan. We need to be forward thinking and decisive or in the future we will be burdened with gridlock and reduced quality of life. Your elected officials should not have any ties to developers or business entities where the special needs of these entities override the best interests of the people that elected them and the communities they live in.

Edward “Ted” Hill


Edward “Ted” Hill is a Boise native, attended Boise High School and graduated from Boise State University. He joined the Navy after college and entered flight training in Pensacola, Fl. Following his completion of flight training, he was assigned to Miramar Naval Air Station as a F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot. He served combat deployments during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Southern Watch. Ted’s third combat deployment was Operation Iraqi Freedom where he flew the F/A-18 Hornet, receiving a combat decoration for missions against Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard. Ted was then promoted to command an F/A-18 Hornet squadron at NAS Fort Worth, and eventually promoted to Deputy Air Wing Commander at NAS Atlanta. He then took the role of weapon system assessments for all the Joint services, making vital contributions to force effectiveness and influencing decisions at the highest levels within the Department of Defense. During this time, Ted earned a Masters of Arts in International Relations and completed numerous Service Schools and Military Professional Programs. Ted retired from the Navy in 2012 as a Navy Captain (O-6), accumulating 78 combat missions, flew over 5000 hours in Navy aircraft and successfully completed 450 carrier arrested landings.

Upon retirement from the Navy, he continued to work for the Department of Defense in programs involving innovative technologies and asymmetric warfare. In 2012, Ted lost one of his children in a tragedy which inspired him to run for public office, hoping to be part of writing legislative solutions in order to protect the community. This also inspired Ted to become a strong advocate for first responders, firefighters and law enforcement. Ted is married to Heidi Hill and they have two children.

In 2019, Ted was recalled out of retirement and back to active duty Navy in order to complete a special project. This project will be complete in fall of 2020 and Ted will be ready to serve his duty as State Senator.