A lifelong Conservative, protecting and defending Idaho

Ted Hill is dedicated to addressing the concerns of all Idahoans and is aware of the issues that present themselves to our state every day.

Second Amendment

As a combat veteran who has been on foreign soil and seen the effects of citizens who live under tyranny, I understand the essential freedom that is provided by the 2nd Amendment.  When freedom is under assault, the first thing at risk is the ability to defend yourself.  All tyranny is enabled by those who are helpless and unable to defend themselves.  As Americans, our right to bear arms is that essential freedom that guarantees the rest. I stand firm to maintain all rights to bear arms.


As an Idaho native, I appreciate the massive impact growth has had on our land.  Growth is here and we need to manage it to sustain our quality of life.  We need to bring all state and local entities together to cooperate in a long-term strategic plan.  We need to be forward-thinking and decisive in the future or we will be burdened with gridlock and delay.


It will be my duty to protect the unborn.  Some in our country have taken a dark path regarding abortion.  Current policies in some states are undeniably barbaric.  This will not happen on my watch.  I will fight for the lives of the unborn.


As the spouse of a professional teacher and educator in the area of Career Technology Education, I understand the importance of preparing our children for the future.  The need for innovative and creative, but rigorous academics is pinnacle to student growth and high-yield academic outcomes.  I strongly support School Choice.  Programs for special education and the gifted and talented can be limited to certain schools depending upon needs.  Special Education students are often moved laterally throughout districts depending upon their needs.  The ability for parents to have access to those specialized programs determines the long-term outcome of a child’s academic success.  I strongly support our teachers that care for and work with our children.  Educators are always in need of professional development in order to meet the radically changing needs of technology so that our children are prepared to manage the technological revolution.